Scotland’s Baby Box

Over the last year every parent in Scotland can send away for a Baby Box from the Scottish Government all you have to do is fill in a small form with your address and due date at your 20 – 24 week midwife appointment then she sends it away. Ours arrived at 34 weeks it was rather exciting and like Christmas morning.

Filled with a few important things to get you started the box also comes with a mattress so you can use it was a bed for your baby then a toybox or whatever you decide.

What’s in your baby box?

Clothes in unisex colours


Scratch mittens 1 pair

Short-sleeved vest x1

Long-sleeved vest x1

0-3 Months

Long-sleeved button side vest x1

Cotton hat x1

Long-sleeved vest x1

Long-sleeved sleepsuit x1

Jersey trousers x1

Pair of socks

3-6 Months

All in one daysuit x1

Jersey trousers x1

Long- sleeved sleepsuit x1

Pair of socks

Fleece jacket with hood x1


Mattress x1

Mattress protector x1

Fitted sheet x1

Cellular blanket x1

Baby wrap (carrier) x1

Hooded towel x1

Digital ear thermometer x1

Bath sponge x1

Bath & bath thermometer x1

Teething ring x1

Baby books x2

Play mat x1

Emery boards x3

Dribble bib x1

Muslin cloths x3

Comforter toy x1

Soft toy cube x1

Travel changing mat x1

Pack of 24 nursing pads x1 (not pictured)

Box of condoms x2

Park of 12 maternity towels x1 (not pictured)

RSNO postcard to download lullaby tracks

There was also information leaflets on using the box safety as a bed

And A poem for your wee one. Written by Jackie Kay Scotland’s National Poet

To find out more about Baby Box go to


Catch up with the bump weeks 23 – 34

Week 23 – 29

Where’s the time gone am 35 weeks now and there’s not much to update on so will just give a quick recap. We got the sitting room finished at the start on the summer holidays right though the middle of a heatwave (who knew Scotland could get so hot) I may of even cried one afternoon I was so uncomfy and MrS took pity on me and came home with a fan to which made me cry more.

I went for the GGT test at 28 weeks and all was clear. We might of accidentally ordered a new Pram as we had thought we would just use our old one from Emilia but after some talk we decided that maybe buying a more lightweight and town friendly one would be more sensible.

(I am going to do a separate post about our pram when we get it as I have found it difficult to find much information on it in British with it being a German make.)

Midwife at week 29 still in my fifth pregnancy hearing that heartbeat is the best thing ever. You can feel baby move all day but there are no words for that feeling of hearing them.

Weeks 30 – 34

Thing started to go down hill with the SPD been using my crutches if I am having to walk far but they then make my wrists hurt so it’s like fighting a losing battle with it being the summer holidays I really only left the house when with MrS. Baby girls movements are at times very sore and I feel every one.

I have started to get some stuff sorted for my hospital bag and we made up the changing unit and got it painted and washed and put away the Newborn and 0-3 months clothes. An first size nappies how small are they? You forget!

34 weeks We got out Baby Box from the Scottish Government this week that was exciting but on the down side my heartburn is terrible on Zantac as Rennie is not even remotely helping plus not been sleeping great this week either. Kids are back to school on Thursday Primary 1, Secondary 1 and Secondery 4 HOW?!?! MrS took a few hours off the walk Emilia to school for her first day, can’t quite believe they are grown up so fast.

Scan booked in for 36 weeks and consultant at 37 to discuss possible early induction due to my SPD.

Pregnancy update Weeks 20, 21 & 22

Week 20 – Not much has really changed in the way of symptoms. I had an appointment with physio and got a tubigrip to wear which baby girl is not keen on she really wiggles and kicks when I have it on but it seems to be helping for just now. Been able to see movement with week and had 20 scan and it went great baby is happy and healthy.

Bump mesureing 44″ around the bellybutton

Week 21 – Feeling much the same, pelvic pain is getting bad after lots on standing or walking. I am loving all the movements but she’s not keen to share them with daddy.

Week 22 – No new symptoms this week, apart from waddling like a duck when I walk and finding the heat difficult due to the tubigrip. People have been asking about pregnancy and due date so bump is definitely a bump. NESTING?? Think both MrS and I have been hit as we ordered a new sofa and carpet for the living room and are now in full renovation mode which is all fine and well but MrS won’t even let me pick up the old wallpaper off the floor. So he is doing most of it by himself after work.

Pregnancy update Weeks 17, 18 & 19

Week 17 – This week started out with a busy Monday with the midwife for the usual checks and a consultant appointment to discuss my family medical history and he also put me on Aspirin because of my last baby’s being on the small side. Also the same day we went for our gender scan which like any scan put my mind at ease in the weeks before you can feel defeat movements.

It’s a…….. Girl 💝

Can’t say I was surprised when we found out I had been staying all along “it’s a girl” Mr S and the kids where over the moon. The rest of the week was quite and feeling somewhat normal

Week 18 – Everyone’s is still very excited about baby girl and started talking about names, Daddy even felt her moving. Feeling well apart from if I do to much I have started getting Braxton Hicks and still lower back pain. I have been put on the waiting list for Physio. Emilias 5th Birthday was this week and she spent ever morning counting down the sleeps and was so happy that she got more dressing up for her and her baby sister to play with.

Week 19 – Been feeling really well apart for the braxton hicks (I honestly forgot how uncomfortable they were) The back pain is daily but I got my appointment though for Physio for next Monday due to cancellation as it’s a bank holiday and the schools are off. The rest of the week has been quite and not much to report.

Pregnancy update Weeks 14, 15 & 16

There’s not been much change and will continue to do the three weeks in one for just now.

Week 14 – We spent the weekend in Edinburgh for my brother in laws wedding which was lovely. Starting to feel better still odd waves of nausea also starting to find pain in lower back and tail bone. There is no hiding the bump now.

Week 15 – Feeling much the same apart from I am starting to walk slower and get out of breath.

Week 16 – Nothing new to report all’s well. We booked in for a last minute gender scan on the Sunday for the Monday at 17 weeks.

First Trimester update

As I write this I am 18+weeks and have put off this post as I was unsure how not to come across as moaning and ungrateful but there’s no sugar coating it the First Trimster is hard.

We found out at 3 weeks and much of my symptoms have been the same though out.

Breast Tenderness & Irritabil – This was only until 6 weeks

Spots – as vain as it may sound this one has been the most upsetting I only even got one maybe two at the start of my cycle now I was getting a new one everyday.

Fatigue – Am a busy mum to be fair when am I not ready for bed.

Nausea & Sickness – This one was also hard there was no let up it was all day and night I even lost abit of weight due to not being able to eat. I just kept telling myself that nausea and sickness ment baby was healthy and well.

Sneezing – Yeah apparently this ones common

Weeks 5/6 we told our families and met our midwife at 5 weeks which was nice to find out how my care will go here as my last baby’s where with a different Nhs trust.

Weeks 7/10 Were uneventful and much the same as before although they seemed to last forever

Weeks 11/13 I started to feel better and we were counting down the days for our first scan at 13 weeks at which baby was very happy and healthy and measuring 13 and 4 making due date 24th of September. Everyone’s convinced it’s a baby boy

I really am back!

What can I say after my last post life got crazy with (The Birthday mouth) as it’s knowing in our house then Christmas. Then the New Year arrived and along came a hole different reason to lie low.

YES am pregnant!!13 week

Our families have known from early on as i have been rather ill but we wanted to wait until our scan to announce to everyone else.

So baby S is due September 28th

Am going to keep this post short and sweet but I am going to start working on my first trimester update and that will be up later in the week.