Scotland’s Baby Box

Over the last year every parent in Scotland can send away for a Baby Box from the Scottish Government all you have to do is fill in a small form with your address and due date at your 20 – 24 week midwife appointment then she sends it away. Ours arrived at 34 weeks it was rather exciting and like Christmas morning.

Filled with a few important things to get you started the box also comes with a mattress so you can use it was a bed for your baby then a toybox or whatever you decide.

What’s in your baby box?

Clothes in unisex colours


Scratch mittens 1 pair

Short-sleeved vest x1

Long-sleeved vest x1

0-3 Months

Long-sleeved button side vest x1

Cotton hat x1

Long-sleeved vest x1

Long-sleeved sleepsuit x1

Jersey trousers x1

Pair of socks

3-6 Months

All in one daysuit x1

Jersey trousers x1

Long- sleeved sleepsuit x1

Pair of socks

Fleece jacket with hood x1


Mattress x1

Mattress protector x1

Fitted sheet x1

Cellular blanket x1

Baby wrap (carrier) x1

Hooded towel x1

Digital ear thermometer x1

Bath sponge x1

Bath & bath thermometer x1

Teething ring x1

Baby books x2

Play mat x1

Emery boards x3

Dribble bib x1

Muslin cloths x3

Comforter toy x1

Soft toy cube x1

Travel changing mat x1

Pack of 24 nursing pads x1 (not pictured)

Box of condoms x2

Park of 12 maternity towels x1 (not pictured)

RSNO postcard to download lullaby tracks

There was also information leaflets on using the box safety as a bed

And A poem for your wee one. Written by Jackie Kay Scotland’s National Poet

To find out more about Baby Box go to


Author: mymumlife

Hi I just want to start by telling you i am Natasha i am wife to MrS my life and sole and mum to, well i never know how to answer this but here it goes there's Andrew 13, Alyssa 10 from a previous relationship and Emilia almost 4. Then there was my hero and brightest star Charlie who past away in april 2015 just before his 7th birthday after a year long battle with leukaemia brought on by fanconi anemia. MrS and myself have always said we would love two baby's so we are half way there! Hopefully this will be a place to share the journey too baby and my experience as a mum and the things i love.

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